Cypress Mountain Gondola

  • Cypress Mountain offers unique and contemporary colors for birch hardwood flooring, including shades of grey and black.
  • Birch is a popular wood species in the Northwest and West Coast regions, with greys predicted to become popular in other regions as well.
  • The flooring is treated with Shaw’s ScufResist™ PLATINUM finish, providing superior resistance to scuffs and ordinary marks of daily wear.
  • The engineered construction of Cypress Mountain offers several benefits, including the ability to install it on, above, or below grade using different methods such as staple, glue-down, or floating installation.
  • The hardwood is made in the USA using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
  • Shaw sources its wood from suppliers who practice managed forestry techniques.
  • Each box of Cypress Mountain covers an area of 22 sqft.

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Cypress Mountain brings you the beauties of birch in unique and leading-edge colors— they’re becoming greyer, blacker, more charcoal.
Birch is especially beautiful in these colors. It’s a wood that’s extremely popular in the Northwest and on the West Coast. And greys are predicted to catch on quickly in other regions, too.
It’s treated with Shaw’s own ScufResist™ PLATINUM finish, which provides superior scuff resistance. While all woods will scratch or dent,
this superb finish resists the ordinary marks of daily wear. It makes a floor easy to live with … and on.
And because Cypress Mountain is engineered, it offers numerous benefits:
• Can be installed on, above, or below grade in a staple, glue-down,
or floating installation method
• Made in the USA in Shaw’s state-of-the-art hardwood
manufacturing facilities
In addition, Shaw buys from suppliers who practice managed
forestry techniques
(22 sqft)
Stylish but sturdy, Cypress Mountain by Shaw Flooring reveals why hardwood will forever be an ageless flooring option. Available in a variety of wood species and colors, this Gondola (BIRCH) variant joins value and beautiful visuals.

Shaw flooring’s Cypress Mountain Gondola(BIRCH) hardwood planks in Engineered measure 5″ wide with a thickness of 0.5″.

The SKU for Shaw Flooring’s Cypress Mountain in Gondola (BIRCH) is 00235_SW263.

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Weight 3000 lbs

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5 inches


0.5 inches