Serene Reflection

  • Hardwood flooring made from European Oak
  • 4mm thick wear layer for durability
  • Handbrushed surface for a natural look and texture
  • UV Acrylic Urethane finish for protection and longevity
  • Tongue and groove and beveled edges for easy installation
  • Each box covers 31.25 sq. ft. (87″ x 9″ x 4″) and weighs 68 lbs.
  • FloorScore Certified for low VOC emissions and better indoor air quality
  • Ideal for residential and commercial spaces.
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This hardwood flooring features a durable 4mm wear layer made from European Oak, with a handbrushed surface for a natural look and texture. The UV Acrylic Urethane finish adds protection and longevity, while the tongue and groove and beveled edges make for easy installation. Each box covers 31.25 sq. ft. and is sized at 87″ x 9″ x 4″, with a weight of 68 lbs. The flooring is FloorScore Certified, ensuring low VOC emissions for better indoor air quality. With its beautiful appearance and high-quality construction, this hardwood flooring is a great choice for any home or commercial space.

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5/8" x 8.66" x 7.3'


Engineered Hardwood

Wear Layer

4mm Wear Layer


European Oak




UV Acrylic Urethane

Joints & Edges

Tongue & Groove, Bevel


31.25 sq. ft.

Box Size

87" x 9" x 4"

Box Weight

68 lbs.

Pallet Weight

2,751 lbs.

Boxes Per Pallet

40 per pallet


FloorScore Certified